FRUIT ENGINE HAS TURNED OUT TO BE A LOYAL, PROFESSIONAL, EXCELLENT COMPANY TO WORK WITH. My company is a family entertainment business called When I first met Fruit Engine my Mother had just passed away. They helped me over the phone for hours arranging my site and helping me create something that has supported not only my daughter and myself but has allowed me to employ many talented people and bring joy to thousands of families. Even more impressive is the recent re-design that they are doing and have almost completed! I was very close to using another company that offered to do the site for free. It was horrible. Michelle graciously extended their services again, and I could not be happier with the wondeful site we are creating and am looking forward to seeing the results of the Link Building Popularity Program.
Thank you.

Lisa C, Director,

First I want to thank Rhumpaul, my project leader. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the project, and to all that assisted. I'm please with the updated web design and you may launch the web site, since it's completed.

Job extremely well done!

Trinidadian American Trade Inc.


I and my husband Eddie are surprised to see these negative comments about Fruit Engine. In our own experience, I could say and confidently say that we are satisfied so far with the services offered by the company. Our project leader is such a sweetie and always makes sure that our needs and request are accommodated. I am also grateful that these guys educated me about SEO and the process which I was not aware of at first.

The subject about SEO really amazed me. The fact that the process is so complicated and amazing at the same time gave me the reason to search more about SEO. I learned a lot and I found out that SEO processes does not work like magic! Making your website viewable to the global populace won't happen overnight. Building links takes a lot of hard work. Learning the process with help of my PL and online articles gave me the understanding of how the works are done. Waiting and patience are also very important. After 3-4 months propagation after our site was launched after all the changes and troubleshooting, we surprisingly got the first result of our visibility and GUESS WHAT, our site can now be seen on the top page of Google.

I hope my review would help FE to get the review it deserves. And I hope that our relation will last for a long time. Thank your and have a nice day to all.

A Electric LLC